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New Single – Out Now

One Million Pictures

One million pictures 

Debut single which is officially released on 22 of June 2022.
Song & Lyrics written by : Mangun Suba
Music by: Chandra, Manjoy, Mangun Suba
recorded at : Sweetspot Studio (8th of May 2022)
A song about judgmental people that love making quick conclusions about a person or situation.
In the modern world sometimes a first impression doesn’t have a second chance. Once they capture your image in a situation, that particular judgment will stick on you forever. It’s like a blindfolded man that quickly makes a conclusion about an elephant when actually he just barely touched the trunk, he would declare that elephant is like a snake. If he touches only the ear he would say an elephant is like a butterfly. Once they portray you as a sinner, then forever you will always be a sinner without any chance to explain the entire situation.

About Rajlas

is a punk rock band from Jakarta, Indonesia, established  by the lead singer and songwriter Mangun Suba during the pandemic of 2020. RAJLAS name is derived from Javanese words : ORA JELAS which in daily life often pronounced by the local Javanese people in Indonesia as “RA JELAS”, and the band modified the writing into “RAJLAS” which means”Unclear, ambiguous, blurry”


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